Friday, May 20, 2011


As I expected, writing presents me with challenges in time management, creativity, clarity, and focus. I hope the payoff comes in the form of a published book, but in the meantime, cool opportunities have come my way.
I've been part of a diverse and ever-changing weekly critique group at the Dietrich Theater in Tunkhannock for four years or so. These fellow writers provide me with support, encouragement, and the obligatory kick in the pants when appropriate. I've learned to listen carefully to their feedback on my work and I often hear an echo of my own thoughts. Interesting how that happens. Hopefully I've helped some of them along the way, too.
In the last few years, my stories have given me the opportunity to participate in several community events. I was invited to read one to preschoolers at a community program called Popsicles in the Park, and I also read one of my stories to my daughter's preschool students- what a thrill that was! I was a guest speaker (to twenty women) at the Tunkhannock Business Women's Association installment dinner, a presenter (to twenty-five 3rd graders!) at Keystone College Young Authors Day, and just this week, a guest speaker at the Factoryville United Methodist Church United Methodist Women meeting. These events have given me an opportunity to share my love of a good story. Hopefully the attendees left with a smile and a nudge toward finding or creating stories of their own.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Since my novel is set in Nazi Germany and not Disney World, any continuation of the story started by Sophie needs to be told by a different protagonist. Rennie has picked up where Sophie left off and I'm writing again, but now through Rennie's eyes.
As a writer, I couldn't remember any series or sequels where different protagonists take up the cause so to speak and carry on to face more pieces of the overarching problem. So I asked other writers. A member of one of my Yahoo groups suggested two books by Gayle Forman, If I Stay, and Where She Went. I can't say enough good things about If I Stay- it's written with an amazing combination of eloquence and brevity. It's told in first person, and for much of the book, Mia the protagonist lies in a coma and tells the story from her out-of-body experience. I just requested Where She Went from the library, and the blurb says the story picks up from her awakening and is told through the eyes of her boyfriend Adam. I can't wait to read it.
Nice to know an accomplished writer can have two books with one story and different protagonists. Makes me think my ideas have a chance, too.