Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time off, time to write!

One of the perks of my job is time off, like snow days and holidays, plus some longer breaks scattered throughout the year. The Early Intervention program I work with is on a break for the month of June, so I am officially off for four weeks! (applause!) I am free to spend hours puttering in my gardens, having tea on the porch, floating in the pool, all that great summertime stuff. But I also know I want to work on my book. I plan to discipline myself and write at least a couple of hours each day, plus catch up on all the research material I've accumulated in the last year.
It's hard to remember what I've written and create a cohesive story when I usually only write a couple of times a week. In anticipation of this long stretch of writing days, I re-read the 140 pages I've already written, and guess what? I like it!
Time for me to dig in and create. I can't wait.

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