Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Am I the only person who can't learn from a Power Point presentation?

I went to a two-day workshop last week where probably 75% of the material was presented in Power Point. Little factoids flashed across the screen and vanished before they ever became knowledge for me to keep. Maybe it's my age. Maybe it's my learning style. Maybe it's my need to organize information into lists and categories. But somehow, all my brain retains from a Power Point are isolated bits of information, formless and detached from all the other bits. Give me an outline with Roman numerals and headings and sub-headings, and I can learn how all the information bits relate to one another. Then I'm likely to come to truly understand the material and be able to apply it.
Anyone else have the same problem?

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  1. I'm with you here. Even when they hand out the slides so you get to take them with you I can't do it. I think the process of having to take notes was how things got into my memory, and without it, I will never grasp the material.