Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pacing myself

Typically, when I read at my Writers Critique Group, I've written about 20 or 30 pages ahead of the pages I share. The pages I present to the group are a little polished and I know the plot line of what's going to happen next.
This past Thursday was different. I've done very little new writing in the last couple of months and I admit to being unfocused and unable to come up with anything new, so when I read to the Group, I read up to and including the last pages I've written. The pages felt raw and unfinished; I felt lost in my own plot.
One of the group members asked me if a certain scene foreshadowed the story's conclusion. I have no idea, because I haven't written anything past that scene. I was asked why Sophie's character didn't have a better understanding of what was happening around her yet. Again, I don't know why, and I'm not sure I'll leave her in the dark quite as long as I have in this first draft. I just know that I need to write the whole book and then get a better idea of how to pace it once I've got it finished.

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  1. I do the same thing--I have group members who share the minute something is written... and then nothing for AGES, but i feel like by holding back a little, I am more solid in knowing where I'm headed.

    I think this process has actually helped ensure I keep plugging away--I have the freedom to 'take it back'--i mean I know you do anyway--you're the writer, but once it is shared there is some accountability or something.

    I wish you the best in sorting it out!