Sunday, August 29, 2010

A contest, a diversion, and a thumbs-up

I got a flyer in the mail the other day about a contest for a historical fiction short story, target audience age 13, target length up to 1500 words. There are small cash prizes and the winning entry is published in a newsletter that goes to every children's book and magazine publisher in North America. That's serious publicity for the winner's work! I plan to enter in the hopes of getting my name in front of editors and agents so that when I send my book out, my name might be recognized.
Since I've been researching Nazi Germany for so long, I started thinking about another time and place in history for this short story contest entry. Something light-hearted and fun, please. My thought is to write a story about a kid who accidently sees The Beatles in a NY hotel while they're in town for the Shea Stadium show in 1965. I lived in NYC at that time and remember listening to Cousin Brucie on Music Radio WABC (W-A-Beatle-C they called themselves). I found audio files of him interviewing The Beatles, awarding them the Order of the All American in their hotel room, and introducing them on stage at the show. A good diversion from Nazi Germany, to be sure.
I read my revised first scene at writers' group on Thursday, and it was well-received. Onward and forward.

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