Sunday, February 13, 2011


I've never been great at details. I grew up being the kid who throws the pans in the cupboard and closes the door quickly, the one who will mow the lawn but leave the edges untrimmed. That detail work to finish a project feels tedious to me, especially after the exhilaration of finishing the bulk of the project itself.
I've had to learn to make a to-do list that includes the details so I can cross them off as individual tasks. After all, they're just as essential as completion of the bigger project. Discipline, Jeanne, discipline.
So here I am with the book written. Check. Sent out for feedback. Check. Query letter written and revised. Check. Feedback received and reviewed. Partial check. Changes made to the manuscript based on the feedback. Less than partial check. Outline/plot synopsis written to accompany query letter to editors' desks. Not even started.
I need to finish these details so I can move this project along and ready the whole package for an editor.

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