Saturday, March 19, 2011

While I wait

My last assignment for the novel-writing course is due at the end of March. I need to hand in a cover letter (easy), a query letter (done), a one-page synopsis (a PIA, but done), a bibliography (done as I went along), and a chapter by chapter outline (Grrr). Again with the details.
I know from other authors that once I begin work with an editor, I'll be doing a lot of detailed revisions, so I better get used to the idea that I'm not really done. Notice how I'm saying this as if it's really going to happen? I'm really going to work with an editor? The Dale Carnegie approach to writing your first novel in your 50s.
A month or so ago, I registered for an SCBWI workshop in April. The workshop faculty allows time for a few critiques, so I sent the first 10 pages of my ms with a sticky note. "If possible, I'd like Dianne Hess, Executive Editor of Scholastic Press to critique this." Then I prayed.
A few days ago, I got word - she is indeed going to read my first 10 pages and give me a one-on-one 15 minute critique. It is an amazing opportunity, and I am so grateful.
Many of my beta readers asked me about a sequel. I didn't plan for one. As the kids would say, I got nothin'. So imagine my surprise this week when Rennie's voice spoke to my inner muse and urged me to narrate a continuation of the story from her POV. Warming up my keyboard. :)

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