Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taking responsibility

How about this story - the captain of this cruise liner LEFT the ship when it ran aground. Isn't a captain supposed to go down with his ship? Did he just panic and go into survival mode? His bosses called him and told him to go back to his ship, there were casualties. His ridiculous response, "How many?"

Even if the crash itself is found to be an accident - maybe an accident happened without anyone being to blame - it's pretty clear this captain didn't take responsibility for protecting the passengers, his crew, or his ship itself once the incident occurred. Now the law has to step in to get him to pay the price. The price will be enormous.

From a young age, we teach our children to take responsibility for their actions. The classic "Who made this mess?" answered by "Not me" and "I don't know" isn't acceptable, and kids figure that out - unless of course, the question isn't asked or the lame answer is accepted without consequence. How did this captain get so far in adult life without figuring that out?

This morning, I watched some highlights (I question the word choice, but oh well) of last night's Republican candidate debate. The men squawked and pointed fingers at everyone but themselves. One "may" disclose his tax return sometime soon but seemed unclear as to why this needed to be done. Another blamed his ad company for the content of his ads, pushing aside accusations of inaccuracies as par for the course. And of course 'the liberals' were blamed for every problem mentioned, just as 'the Republicans' will be blamed when the Democratic debates occur.

Reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel's Mrs. Robinson. "Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon, going to the candidate's debate. Laugh about it, shout about it and when you've got to choose, every way you look at it, you lose." Still relevant over 40 years later.

First candidate who says, "Let's accept the fact that we're in a mess. We need to work together and stop blaming each other in order to get out" gets my vote. And if a ship captain says that, I might get on his boat.


  1. The ship is sinking, but when was the last time we ever saw someone at the helm? A lot of finger pointing and nobody wants to take the wheel. It's about time we all stop tip-toeing around the issues and go for the throat.

    People in this country need to realize that this whole, "Well, what's my vote going to do?" or "We can't change it." attitude need to be ground up and fed to the pigs who think we're not the ones in charge. Government needs to learn who they work for again.

    And, while were at it, extremism on either side needs to be cut off with exact precision. The left and the right are so far apart, there's a chasm in the middle where the logical and coherent disappear. Our major issues in the U.S. are not who's marrying who or who mentions God the most in their campaign.

    We need REAL candidates who are going to shape up our education system, do away with lobbiests, stop engaging in ridiculous wars including but not limited to the war on drugs, terrorism and other religions that aren't Christian.

    We need to return to and embrace a TRUE seperation of church and state and stop muddling the words of our founders to fit our own beliefs which is what every candidate running for office has been doing right before our eyes for years now.

    The Constitution has been raped by the same people who vow to uphold its "true" meaning. That "true" meaning is whatever they feel fits them better.

    Well, I digress. And I believe I just ranted like a lunatic, but there you have it.

    Good post and an idea we must all ponder.

    1. Your rants are always welcome, Dale, precisely because they make so much sense. I'll add to your rant by saying that I'd love to see individuals become more responsible, not just candidates. What could be better for our country, or for humanity as a whole, than for people to take control of their own selves, their education, their drug intake, their religion?

  2. Agreeg, Jeanne. And the first way to take responsibility is to take action.