Saturday, April 7, 2012

The beginning of the end. Maybe. Hopefully.

With a whole lotta prayer, effort, support, and luck, I was indeed able to finish my revisions and get the manuscript off to the agents and the editor who requested it. It now has a new title - Risking Exposure - which I think better focuses (pardon the pun) on the fear Sophie must overcome.
Now I wait and see if any of them are interested in discussing the project further. If so, great! Let's talk. If not, it's back to the old grind of submit and wait.

I spent a couple hours today working on the 'supplementary documentation' that needs to be part of any historical fiction novel. I updated my bibliography, wrote up a glossary of terms, and started a list of people I'd need to mention in 'acknowledgements' when I get that far. I had 50 names! No kidding. I've been blessed with a great deal of support.

I'd often envisioned writing as a solitary journey, and like most of the arts, it is. But it's also a shared journey, and I'm grateful to those who have shared their time, feedback, and interest with me. Everything is more fun when it's shared! And my efforts have been made easier by the support of family, friends, and colleagues. Thank you!

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