Sunday, September 15, 2013

My book leaves the nest and goes live on Kindle!

I have spent years caring for Sophie's story, fostering its development, feeding it and letting it rest, smoothing over its many rough spots, and watching it grow with pride. So my analogy is easy - sending Risking Exposure into the world is a bit like watching my children set off on their adult lives. Just not as heart-wrenching.

A parent knows when it's time for a child to leave the nest.
Risking Exposure had received some 'close calls' in traditional publishing but as the saying goes, close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. It became clear that if the story would ever leave the comfort and safety of my computer and fend for herself in the bigger world, I'd have to help her find a place to live, then pack her bags and send her off myself.

So I did. I spent countless hours learning about the options in self-publishing, watching tutorials, reading articles, studying various design features of the books I own. I found a tremendous amount of help on Create Space and KDP sites, and decided to use their formats to give Sophie's story a home. Next, I did what all women do when we find a new home - I went shopping.
My friend Lisa at Lisa Lee Photography took some great professional shots for my book jacket and website. And speaking of websites, Michael Rausch from my writers group at the Dietrich is designing mine. And the biggest and most important purchase of all - Michael Rausch also designed my book's cover.
Pretty amazing.

Now I've sent her off. The Kindle version is available! My files have been uploaded to Create Space and are 'pending approval.' If all goes well, I'll have a print copy to proof before the end of the week. That will (hopefully) make the print version available by the week of the 22nd.

Like all parents sending off their young, I have big hopes for Sophie and her story. I hope she'll make some friends, touch some hearts, and find her own way in the world.
If you enjoy Risking Exposure, I'd love to know. You can email me at Or leave feedback on Goodreads, Amazon, or Create Space. Thank you!

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