Saturday, June 18, 2016

Five-minute stories

A couple days ago, I watched this terrific TED Talk. In it, Matthew Dicks shares a strategy to increase story ideas - documenting a single event each day of everyday life which might translate into a five-minute story. He's been doing this daily for several years and has found his awareness and attentiveness has grown. Not only does he find fodder for his storytelling passion, he enjoys life more fully than before. All because his radar is ready to find memorable moments and jot them down, an exercise he calls 'Homework for Life.' Sounds appealing, so I tried it.

Yesterday's memorable moment occurred as I sat on the deck. The day was my kind of perfect - 80 degrees with a gentle breeze and iced tea. Somewhere behind me children played ball, their cheers and laughter filling the local quota of joy. Before me were a dozen travel brochures for river cruises, train trips, and other tours Michael and I long to take.

My delight in the present moment wasn't diminished by looking forward to a future trip. My enjoyment of planning the future trip wasn't diminished by my pleasure of my present setting. Present and future were equal. What a joy.

And yes, Matthew Dicks, I wrote that one down.

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  1. So glad! Thanks so much for the kind words! Keep it up!