Monday, July 11, 2016

My blog, reinvented

Like many people, I’m horrified by recent events in America. I’m sickened by the headlines and can barely watch the national news. And I wonder about the media’s continued emphasis on these terrible events. I’ve been asking myself:

-          What’s the impact on us as individuals and as a society when we’re inundated by tragic news?
-          Is our collective moral compass skewed by this horror overload?
-          How long can we reach into our well of decency when craziness, greed, and people behaving badly are given the spotlight?

I can’t sit by idly. I need to be part of the solution.

It begins right here, right now. This blog is now called One Right Thing. I plan to showcase examples of positive behavior, people who choose to do one right thing in difficult or threatening situations. These are individuals who obey the Old Testament edict “…to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God,” regardless of their religion, race, age, or walk of life.

I'll start by sharing this story. When shooting broke out last week in Dallas, a group of people did One Right Thing and surrounded a baby stroller to protect the little one inside.  

Work with me to spread positive, encouraging stories that emphasize the best of humanity. If you have a story for One Right Thing, please let me know at

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