Sunday, October 9, 2016

Helping neighbors through the hurricane

Dave Barnhart's one-story home in Tequesta, Florida had no shutters. He and his wife and two children intended to ride out Hurricane Matthew at home.

According to the Palm Beach Post, his neighbors had something else in mind. Mike McDermott offered some wood. So did Chris Basara and Chris Gunn. The three brought the wood and power tools needed to board up the dozen windows on the Barnharts' cinder block house.

The team ran out of plywood. As expected just before the storm hit, store shelves were empty. Another neighbor heard about the problem and offered the wooden platform for her adult children's model train set. That became the colorful shutter shown here. 

With just one window left, the team again ran out of plywood. Barnhart found an old fence door and used that to cover the last window.

Barnhart and his family were safe through the storm. To thank these incredible neighbors, they held a post-hurricane party on Friday night.

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