Friday, July 21, 2017

Teen raises funds, makes sunscreen available at county pools

As part of a school project, 16-year-old Lynly Brennan researched tanning beds. She learned that wearing 30 SPF sunblock consistently reduces the risk of skin cancer by 80%. She also learned that the city of Boston had installed free sunscreen dispensers at its public pools. Inspired, she saw no reason why the county pools in her St. Louis Missouri area couldn't have them too.

So she set about raising funds. Brennan wrote letters to 40+ dermatologist, health professionals, city administrators, and pool patrons. A total of $1600 rolled in, allowing her to purchase and install sunscreen dispensers at all the public pools in her home county. With the free sunscreen so readily available, Brennan hopes people will be more likely to use it and reduce their cancer risk.

Brennan identified a need, figured out how to fill that need, and then made it happen. Kudos.

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