Friday, January 12, 2018

Home health aide sees empty fridge, fills it

Amanda Perez wanted what most of us want - a nicer home, a new car, an updated wardrobe. But the financial demands of her growing family easily used up her salary as a home health aide.

One day, a client asked her to clean out his refrigerator. When she opened it, she was stunned. It was nearly empty. She turned to the elderly man and asked him who buys his food. He said that he bought it himself when he had the money. He looked ashamed, and Amanda's heart broke. She was ashamed of herself for wanting more material goods when this man had so little.

After work, she knew she couldn't go home, not yet. She went to the grocery store and filled a cart with easy-to-prepare food for the man. Then she returned and filled his refrigerator. Seeing his level of need had cut her to the quick, and she vowed to be more grateful for what she already has.

As much as I celebrate Amanda's change of heart and applaud her kindness, hers was a short-term fix. I sincerely hope her home health agency referred the man to his local Senior Services, Meals on Wheels, and Food Bank. Those agencies may not fill his fridge as completely as Amanda did, but they certainly offer a better long-term solution to the man's needs.

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