Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Man walks 11 miles to work each day, coworkers buy him a car

Trenton Lewis appreciates his job packing trucks at a Little Rock, Arkansas UPS depot. He's only had the job for seven months, and has never missed a day or been late to work. Commendable, especially since his shift starts at 4 am. Even more commendable, Lewis has been walking to work, a trek of 5.5 miles each way through some sketchy neighborhoods in all kinds of weather. He never mentioned this hardship to his coworkers, just reported on time and did his job before starting his long walk home again.

Kenneth Bryant, one of Lewis' coworkers, got wind of his situation. Without Lewis' knowledge, Bryant spread the word among other UPS employees and retirees. Over $2000 was raised in a few weeks time. So last week, employees were called together for a 'union meeting' in the UPS parking lot. There, Bryant presented Lewis with the keys to a Saturn, Lewis' first car.

Lewis is overwhelmed by his coworkers' generosity. He's grateful for the quicker commute to work so he can spend more time at home with his young daughter

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