Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Their friendship was more important than the game's outcome

Last Wednesday night, two Minnesota high school baseball teams met in an important game. The winner would move on to the state championship. 

What spectators and fans may not have known is that a few boys on the opposing teams knew one another. Such was the case with Mounds View's pitcher Ty Koehn and Totino-Grace's Jack Kocon. The boys had been friends since Little League, keeping in touch even though they attend different schools and now play on different teams. 

As fate would have it, Koehn was on the mound when Kocon struck out in the game's last inning. While the Mounds View dugout cleared to begin their celebration, Koehn went straight to his friend, still standing stunned at home plate. The friends hugged. Koehn reassured Kocon that he's a great player, and their friendship will last longer than the game and its outcome. After a few moments together, Koehn moved to his teammates and joined the celebration. 

Kocon will never forget his friend's act of compassion. He told a local news station, "I was just thinking in 20 years I'm not gonna remember the score of that game. But I'm gonna remember him coming up to me after that and just kind of being there for me when I needed someone."

Good sportsmanship, and a total class act.

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