Tuesday, July 10, 2018

He bought as many AC units as he could afford, then gave them away

It's been a hot summer in the northeast. With temperatures over 90 degrees for several days last week, Chad Foster sure appreciated the air conditioning at his home and at his business, a tattoo shop in Schenectady NY. 

Foster has always had a soft spot for children, and his own comfort made him think about kids without AC at home. He called around and learned a local Home Depot had windows units available. He bought six, then posted this on Facebook"So I just left Home depot with as many air conditioners as I could afford. If you know of a family with kids that can't afford one, let me know!!!!"  

Within hours, the post was shared hundreds of times, and families in need were identified. Foster delivered the AC units himself. One appreciative recipient said the gift "made my summer.” Of Foster, she said, “He's like Jesus but with a better beard.”

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