Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some irons in the fire

I've read that success in any venture comes only after about 1,000 hours of practice (Malcolm Gladwell, I think.)Given the part-time nature of my writing efforts, I've done well with a dozen or so published articles and stories but I'm still bummed when my inbox dings with the inevitable rejection letters. I guess that's the trade-off: keep my stories on my computer where they'll be cozy and safe but forever unread, or risk sending them into the big wide world and hope they'll find a home and a readership.

I soften the blow of (repeated) rejection by having a number of projects at once, multiple irons in the fire.
I currently have a couple short stories, a magazine article or two, a picture book, and a novel, all in various stages of development and submission. I even have begun character sketches and an outline for another novel, including some Pinterest photos.
That oughta keep me busy while I recover.

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