Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Day in the Life

In honor of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, (how can it be that long ago??) here is a piece I wrote a few years back. It's thoroughly corny and trite, but it's fun. 

All I Need Is Love…and The Beatles

When I was a Little Child, The Beatles were Here, There, and Everywhere. Something in their Rock and Roll Music touched me, and fifty years later There’s A Place for them still In My Life. Any Time At All, All I’ve Got to Do is pull out my CDs or my well-worn vinyl. I Want To Tell You, When I’m Sixty-Four, I Will still be listening and loving their music and their lyrics.
Back in the 60’s, The Beatles guided a generation through the Misery of the Revolution that spread Across the Universe. They assured us things were Getting Better and that in The End, the human race could Come Together. They said that if just Two Of Us could speak Words Of Love, we could start Fixing A Hole, bringing people All Together Now as family, Mother Nature’s Sons and daughters. They believed that We Can Work It Out.
I’ve Got A Feeling they were right.
Their Words and tunes created The Inner Light I needed to Help! me as I grew. If I Fell for someone too quickly, The Beatles told me to Slow Down. When This Boy broke my heart over Another Girl, they reminded me I Should Have Known Better. Then, With A Little Help from My Friends, I could Wait until some new Boys asked to Hold Me Tight.  
The Beatles broke up Long Long Long ago and the Helter Skelter world still turns. But What Goes On hasn’t changed. Past all those Birthdays, through countless Hello, Goodbyes, their lyrics still ring true. They taught me that each day is A Beginning and history isn’t made of Chains, that there will be Rain before the Sun King comes, and that I need to earn Money and give my share to the Taxman. The government may as well take it, ‘cause Money Can’t Buy Me Love.
Today when I’m Down and I think I’m A Loser, I take The Beatles’ advice, find someone to help Carry That Weight and pretty soon, I Feel Fine. On a Hard Day’s Night when It’s All Too Much for me and I can’t get a Good Night’s sleep, I just Step Inside Love and soon I’ll Be Back on my feet again. When I Drive My Car or want to Get Back to Yesterday, The Beatles Don’t Let Me Down. Can you Dig It?
If the soundtrack playing down the Long and Winding Road of your life includes The Beatles, Baby, You’re a Rich Man too. From Me To You, I suggest we Let It Be.

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