Sunday, February 16, 2014

Another free e-book day!

Join people all around the world today only - download Risking Exposure to your Kindle for free! Next Saturday, February 22nd, I'll be signing (print) books at the Library Express at the Steamtown Mall from 11:30-2:00. Stop by to say hello!

On Tuesday evening, I'll meet with the Teen Action Board at the Albright Library in Scranton. This is a group of about 15 teens interested in stories - reading them, creating them, and sharing them. Sure, I'll share some of my historical research. But mostly I hope to get them thinking and talking about times and settings of interest to them. Victorian England?

Australia when it was a penal colony?

Ancient Greece?

Regardless, there's a lot involved in creating the backdrop for a
story and making it authentic.

The author needs to get a sense of the place, its smells and sounds, its mood, its management of everyday needs like school and commerce. The author also needs to get a feel for the time in history, the common language, the cultural norms and customs, the manner of dress and way of thinking that define an era. I'm rediscovering all that. I have begun research for another novel, the sequel to Risking Exposure. I continue to be fascinated by what it takes to act according to your own conscience despite what's happening around you. Like this guy.

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