Thursday, August 18, 2016

To protect and serve, and finish the job

All too often, we hear about local police and members of the community they are charged to protect and serve locked in conflict. Tempers flare, fear reigns, violence is common. No one wins. We all lose.

So this story on the front page of the York Daily Record is a breath of fresh air.  It seems that in late July, Officer Andrew Shaffer of the Northern York Regional Police was called to a home. A man had suffered a fatal heart attack while mowing his lawn. Officer Shaffer notified the family and waited until the coroner arrived. A sad duty, no doubt, but probably all part of the job.

After his shift was over, Officer Shaffer went above and beyond his call of duty. On his own time, he went back to the same home and finished mowing the lawn.

The appreciative family contacted the police chief to make sure he knew about the officer's kindness.

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