Tuesday, February 14, 2017

31-year-old man takes in ailing 89-year-old neighbor

A few years back, Chris Salvatore, an LA actor, moved to a new apartment. His neighbor across the hall was Norma Cook, an elderly woman who lived alone. The two waved through the window and exchanged greetings in passing, but Chris decided to knock on Norma's door one day to really get to know his neighbor.

He learned that Norma had no relatives nearby and that she had a long list of health issues. Chris volunteered to help where he could.
He drove Norma to appointments, helped her with groceries and meal prep. In general, Chris became 'the grandson' Norma never had.

Then came some hard news - Norma's health had declined. She needed round-the-clock care.

Chris jumped into action. He set up a GoFundMe page to help with the cost of private care. And then, remarkably, he moved Norma into his apartment. He often works from home, so he provides some of the care she needs. That will help keep the overall cost down.

The companionship is good for both Chris and Norma. They now consider themselves 'best friends.'

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