Friday, February 10, 2017

McDonald's cashier's heartwarming response to the needs of a boy with autism

Bonnie Kandel's eight-year-old son Leif heard about the Teen Titan toy given in McDonald's Happy Meals. He wanted one. Because Leif is autistic, he began to obsess about the toy, talking of little else. Bonnie knew the only way to manage this focus was to get him one, so mother and son went to an Indianapolis McDonald's on Saturday. 

When Bonnie ordered the Happy Meal, she was told the toy had changed - Teen Titans were out and the current toy was Batman. Leif was devastated. 

Bonnie explained to the cashier the importance of that particular toy to that particular boy, but nothing could be done. There were no Teen Titans toys left

TaQualliyia Patterson, a 16-year-old employee who goes by TQ, overheard the conversation and had an idea. She pulled the manager aside and pointed out the Teen Titan toys still in the restaurant's kiosk. With the manager's permission, TQ spent about 20 minutes taking the kiosk apart and getting the toys for Leif. He was thrilled. 

Bonnie shared the story on Love What Matters Facebook page. She heaped thanks TQ for her above-and-beyond kindness. 

And Leif? He played with the toys for hours. 

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