Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sequels, quotes, and donations - oh my!

A number of people have asked about a sequel to Risking ExposureAs I mentioned previously, I haven't gotten that far, which leaves me open to input. Some input has been funny, some poignant, but all has been encouraging and well-intentioned. Here are some of my favorites -
I know exactly what should happen next. When you're ready to write it, let me know.
It didn't turn out to be as grim as I expected. So you can write a sequel if you want, just don't kill her off.
What's with Werner and Anna? Maybe you should write a Fifty Shades of them.

The funny thing is once I start writing, the characters drive the story and develop the plot for me. I create them and tell them where we're headed, then they chart the course. So chances are I can't use other people's ideas as my outline. I can barely use my own. But I definitely won't be writing a Fifty Shades of anybody.

Enough about that.
I've been blessed with healthy children and grandchildren and a long career providing physical therapy services to children with disabilities. In their honor, I'm creating ways to give a portion of what I make on the proceeds of Risking Exposure to agencies who support children and their families, as well as the agencies who supported my writing and research.

Through the end of November I'll give to my church, followed by the March of Dimes in December, and the Dietrich Theater in January (in conjunction with my presentation there.) Hopefully some of you will share this information and help me with marketing - sharing on FB or Google+ or Twitter or whatever. Thanks in advance.

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