Sunday, January 26, 2014

Connections - the thrill and the side effect

I checked Facebook one morning and found that Michael Rausch, my book cover designer, had shared this photo to my page. It seems that SCBWI hosted a book give-away for middle-school students in Los Angeles - and the boy in the top left of the photo is smiling and holding Risking Exposure! What a thrill for me to see these excited young readers, even though I doubt I'll ever connect with them in person.

But I have enjoyed connecting with readers in my geographic area in person. An interesting side-effect of all that presenting and speaking with people is that my own interest in pre-war Nazi Germany has stayed alive. I have again chosen a time frame, August 1938 - Spring 1939, and have again begun some research. I need clear information about several key events in Munich during that time - the Munich Conference/Accord, Kristallnacht, and the Kindertransport to begin with. Once again, I'm starting at the local library. Then I'll send my curiosity out to the greater world, gathering in pieces and fragments and weaving them into a backdrop for another story. Hopefully that one will excite readers as well.

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