Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote today. Live in peace tomorrow.

Want to do one right thing today? Vote. About two million people around the world don't have that right. Millions of people have fought for your right to speak your mind. This is your chance. Use it.

Want to do one right thing tomorrow? Accept the results with grace and live in peace with your fellow Americans. End the vitriol. No more name-calling and finger-pointing. Certainly no sore losers, threats of retribution, or violence. Just enough already. 

Sure, we've got issues, big ones. We won't solve them by infighting. We won't develop solutions unless we talk openly about the problems. Blame gets us nowhere. 

We're better than this, America. We can't let this campaign's animosity define us or divide us further. We must be united to truly be the United States.

Our only way out is forward. Together. 

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