Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Couple takes in a dying woman's children, then gets a surprise of their own

Tisha and Todd Beauchmin of Las Vegas got a request from their neighbor Audrey. Could they watch her three kids for a couple days while she went in the hospital for tests? With five kids of their own, the Beauchmins didn't know where they'd put everyone, but they said yes. The kids were already friendly, so they'd muddle through for a few days.

Then Audrey got bad news. Her cancer had metastasized. Her condition worsened quickly and she needed to make decisions for her children's welfare. Within a few short months, she asked the Beauchmins to raise her children. They agreed and quickly applied to become official foster care parents. Tisha had herself been a child in the foster care system and she didn't want Audrey's kids to deal with that instability. She and Todd were determined to make it work. Their 17-year-old daughter set up a bed in a corner of the kitchen, and their 18-year-old son took to sleeping on the recliner.

Audrey died in November.

Now faced with the enormous emotional and financial responsibility of raising three more children in a home that was already cramped, Tisha started a GoFundMe page. The local Fox 5 TV news learned of the Beauchmin's generous hearts and their needs and sent their Fox 5 Surprise Squad to work.

The family of 10 was put up in a local hotel for a week so renovations could be done to the Beauchmin's home. They expected a wall to be constructed in one of the bedrooms to give the boys privacy - one of the regulations of the foster care system. While the family was out of the house, the Surprise Squad went to work.

The landscaping around the home was cleaned up, and the whole interior repainted and carpeted. All new furniture was delivered and set up. The wall was indeed built in the boys bedroom, and the kitchen was remodeled to create a private sleeping space for the 17-year-old. The 18-year-old, who had been saving for an apartment of his own, was given $1500 toward his own place. A local grocery store donated a year's worth of food for the family.

Then, to top it all, a local Nissan dealer donated the family of 10 a van. Watch the video to see the family's reaction to this radical generosity.

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