Friday, January 13, 2017

Homeless man offers his coat and blanket and gets a chance at a new life

Charlotte Ellis and her boyfriend Taylor Waldon, both 22, were out for drinks one night last week in Covent Garden, London. They missed the last train home to Essex, and the next one wasn't due for four hours. They had to tough it out in the freezing night. 

Charlotte heard someone behind her say, "You can borrow my coat and my duvet if you like." The voice belonged to a homeless man known only as Joey. Charlotte accepted his offer and wrapped herself in the duvet. While sitting with Joey and talking with him, Charlotte was struck by both his sincerity and the horror of staying out in the cold overnight. She offered to bring Joey to the home she shares with her mother where he could get a shower and shave and a good hot meal. At first, he refused. Eventually, Taylor convinced him that Charlotte wasn't leaving without him. He went. 

Charlotte's mother was understandably taken aback by the late arrival of her daughter and a homeless man. But they talked and she agreed - Joey could stay with them. After providing him with the basics for hygiene, a warm place to sleep, and some good solid food, Charlotte's friends got into the act. They offered him a haircut, clothes, and a cell phone. He accepted. 

Five days later, Joey had a job offer. 

Joey's life has changed because of his generosity toward people who obviously had more than him. Chances are, the lives of Charlotte and her loved ones have changed too. 

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