Sunday, January 22, 2017

Garbage men bond with waving kids, donate to help one battling cancer

Like many kids, Angie Everson's daughters ages 2,3, and 5, love to watch the garbage men. Every week, Brandon Olsen and Taylor Fritz watch along their pick-up route for these three smiling, waving girls in the Minnesota family's window.

Olsen and Fritz left Halloween candy for the girls, and Angie sent them a note of thanks. Included in that note was an explanation: the girls might be absent from the window for a while. Three-year-old Rose had been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer which had already metastasized. The family would be tied up with frequent treatments and doctor visits.

Olsen and Fritz knew they couldn't do much to help in the heart-breaking situation. So they did what they could. They donated their own 'free garbage pick-up' benefit to the family.

When their supervisor caught wind of it, he applauded the men's generosity. He went one better: he donated free pick-up to the family for the rest of the year.

The upshot is the kind men get to keep their benefit, plus the family gets a little relief from the unbelievable burden they now bear.  Angie was so touched by the hope created from this small act of kindness that she spread the word.

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