Friday, January 6, 2017

This Montreal restaurant gives free food to the hungry

Marché Ferdous is a Montreal restaurant situated beside a church. The restaurant co-owners, Yahya Hashemi and Ala Amiry, noticed a number of homeless people gathering near the church. Their Muslim faith and their middle-eastern upbringing led them to be generous to those folks, so several months ago they posted this sign in their window in English, French, and Arabic.

Their offer went largely unnoticed until a skeptical man who works nearby decided to test it. On January 2nd, Sean Jalbert went into the restaurant. He said he had no money and was indeed given free food, no questions asked. 

Jalbert was delighted with the warm hospitality and good meal he was given. He admitted his ruse, paid for his meal, and then posted his findings on Facebook. His post was shared thousands of times. 

Hashemi says that support for the restaurant's generosity comes back to them, often right from other customers. Many pay their bill and leave extra, saying "The next meal you give away is on me." 


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