Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Boy's honesty leads to forgiveness

A few days ago, Chrissy Marie of Washington state found this handwritten note at her door. 

The note nearly broke her heart.

She posted the note and money on Facebook in the hopes of finding Jake. Even though she doesn't condone stealing, she wants him to give him his $5 back and she wants to reassure him that she has other wind chimes. In fact, if Jake and his sister stop by, Chrissy will give them each a butterfly windchime of their own.

As a young child, Chrissy lost her mother too. She feels a good deal of empathy for Jake and his sister. She wants to make sure Jake is rewarded for taking responsibility for the theft.

So far, Chrissy has not located Jake. Her reaction to the situation has sparked both criticism and praise. She maintains her stance of forgiveness.


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