Monday, March 20, 2017

This 10-year-old's kindness went viral

Last summer, 10-year-old Leah Nelson saw her dad crying. He was upset by police shootings in Dallas Texas, and took the news especially hard - Leah's mom is a Sacramento police officer.

Leah had just started to share her woven rubber band bracelets with others, calling her outreach Becuz I Care. She asked people to show a simple kindness to someone, then give that person a bracelet as a reminder to pass the kindness on. After the shooting, Leah told her parents she thought a message should be added to the bracelets. They agreed, and typed out the message, "In a world with so many issues, let's show people they are valued." The bracelets with their message were first distributed in Sacramento in July. The media got hold of the story, and it went viral. Becuz I Care became a movement.

Becuz I Care has been tagged in stories of kindness across the US. It has spread overseas to England, Brazil, the Congo, Belgium, South Africa, France and Indonesia.

All because a girl listened to her heart and chose kindness.

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