Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hairstylist works over 8 hours to help a depressed woman feel like herself again

Kate Langman is a stylist at an Ulta salon. A few weeks back, she noticed a woman very interested in all the Redken products in one particular line. Langman asked if she needed help and the woman spilled her story.

It seems that she was severely depressed and often didn't even get out of bed. She had done no self-care for months, not even brushing and washing her hair. The bun on the back of her head was matted into what Langman described as one big dreadlock. Langman felt bad for the woman and her situation, so instead of selling her products, Langman urged her to make an appointment for the following day. She planned to personally help the woman regain control of her hair.

The woman did not show up for the appointment, nor did she show up for one a couple weeks later. Then one day, she just walked in again, telling Langman that she finally got herself back out of bed. Langman was determined to take care of her right then and there.
It took 8-1/2 hours, with over 4 of those hours just combing out the matted knots, but the end result is beautiful. Even more than the new look, Langman is delighted with the woman's reaction. Her cheeks gained color and her eyes sparkled as she rain her fingers through her hair for the first time in months.

Langman knows the new hairstyle gave the woman a lift. No doubt, knowing someone cared lifted her spirits too.

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