Saturday, March 18, 2017

The photographer with a heart for kids with disabilities

A blog post changed Annapolis Maryland photographer Stephanie Smith's business forever. It seems a family was scheduled for a shoot with an area photographer. A few days before the shoot, the mother contacted the photographer to firm up details. She told him that one of her children has Down Syndrome and may need a little extra time and patience. The photographer cancelled the shoot, stating that this was not his ideal client.

Stephanie was horrified, and decided to do something. She established Lenses for Love, which provides free photo shoots for families with a child who has special needs. Word spread and requests for Stephanie's services came in from around the country. A GoFundMe site was set up to help with costs involved in travel, props, etc. Better than that, other photographers from other regions joined Stephanie in offering the free shoot.
Thanks to them, precious moments with the whole family can be captured and cherished.

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