Thursday, March 23, 2017

Man breaks up a fight, hailed a hero

Ibn Ali Miller was running errands in his hometown of Atlantic City NJ on Monday. A street crowded with teens caught his attention and he pulled his car over. Without a thought that he might be walking into a dangerous situation, the 26-year-old married father of six got out and approached the group. At the center, he found two young men involved in a fist fight.

In a video that went viral, Miller is seen urging the combatants to stop fighting, as that would bring shame on their hardworking parents. He tells them he will not leave until they make peace. They do.

Miller has been praised by individuals including NBA star LeBron James and rapper Snoop Dogg. More importantly, the teens themselves have thanked him for stopping the fight. For his quick peacemaking action, Miller was hailed a hero and honored by Atlantic City council. A Muslim, Miller is humble, insisting that he just did what was right.

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