Wednesday, March 1, 2017

One woman's idea - fill purses with feminine hygiene products and give them to homeless women

Jana Girdauskas isn't quite sure what prompted the thought, but last Monday she wondered how homeless women manage when they get their periods. How would they get the costly products they need, the tampons and pads and such? The Toronto mother of two pictured herself in that situation and decided to give away some of her own products. She needed something to hold the items, so she posted a request for donated purses on a local parenting Facebook page. She was overwhelmed with the generous response. Not only were purses dropped off by the dozen, but also personal extras like scarves, deodorants, and coffee shop gift cards. Apparently, Toronto residents form a caring community.

Last week Jana and her husband delivered the first round of what they're calling 'period purses' to women living on the streets. The women are understandably grateful for the purse full of necessities. Jana and her husband, neither of whom have ever done something like this before, have enough filled purses to keep the project going for another 10 days. They are looking to local shelters and other charities to take the idea and run with it.

I love this idea - such a simple and straightforward way to promote personal dignity.

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