Friday, March 10, 2017

Canadian teen on horseback delivers hot coffee to stranded trucker

Eileen Eagle Bears couldn't just sit and watch. The roadside camera from Highway 10 showed a truck stuck on the icy road, with its driver still inside. The highway was an otherwise deserted sheet of ice. Help would come, but it would take a while. In the meantime, Eileen knew that driver would be alone.

She filled a thermos with hot coffee and mounted her horse. Even though she had to walk the horse along some stretches because of the icy conditions, she and the horse trekked about 2.5 miles to deliver the coffee to the stranded driver, Peter Douglas. Eileen and her horse even came back a second time with some water, a thermos of stew, and some potatoes.

Douglas' truck was eventually towed to safety and he resumed his trip. He'd been stuck for 28 hours. But the help and encouragement Eileen brought let him know he hadn't been stranded.

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