Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Helping this collapsed runner across the finish line came naturally

I'm not a runner, never was, but I understand there's a culture of support among runners. They stick together, encouraging each other during training and races so each individual meets their goals.

Sunday's Philadelphia Love Half-Marathon was a challenging 13+ mile run. Within 100 yards of the finish line, a runner later identified as Haley Klinger, a Messiah College student, started to struggle. Her legs gave out, and she collapsed, nearly hitting the ground.

Three other runners, Joseph McGinty and Bryan Crnkovic of the Philadelphia area, and an unidentified runner in blue, slowed their own run to help the young woman. Crnkovic and the other man supported under her arms and continued with her several paces. McGinty, running alongside, realized they weren't able to keep her on her feet. He lifted Klinger, telling her, "We're going to finish this race together." He ran with her in his arms, carrying her right up to the finish line. There, he placed her on her feet and he and Crnkovic supported her so she could cross the finish line on her own two feet. Medical attention was waiting.

The men didn't know their kindness was caught on camera until later that evening. They claim they were just doing what came naturally.

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